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Beauty Full color, a collection of the most beautiful CASADECO plains, displays colors of anexceptional freshness and subtlety. They draw their inspiration from the sources of the four elementsof nature, the nuances which mix, mingle, complement and oppose one another. Air breathes airy creations, soft and pure; white, gray in all its shades and enveloping pastels. Fire has an intensity and energy that rivals power: dark red to incandescent, bright oranges, flamboyant yellows. Water inspires a palette of refreshing and light blues, limpid or deep, enriched with luminous andcrystalline reflections. While Earth evokes a natural ocher, brown sienna and copper range with texture and a vibrantheart. These 4 elements make up the colorful chapters of a collection of wallpapers designed to dressup the house, into a cocoon of wellbeing, naturally bursting with beauty and life.

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