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The collection, named after the majestic Ohio River, themain tributary of the Mississippi River, is in its image.It revisits the codes of a rich and prosperous nature byproposals where the material, the vegetal, the great spacesbecome an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the imageof the American landscapes.Autumn shades decorate the shores of this queen ofrivers, which reveals trees and foliage in its wake, rockyoutcroppings for grandiose landscapes.With Ohio, the great outdoors brings us an unprecedentedbreathing space. Branches, burnt wood, faux-plain andmore geometric patterns sign very current matches.The base of the collection is warm; beige, brownish grey,chestnuts for a spirit of comfort while strong tones like khaki,curry yellow, ink, copper add more colourful notes. Yourinterior is adorned with a spirit of escape and modernity!And for a dose of magnetism and a touch of sophistication,metallic effects contribute to sublimating and bringing acertain refinement to these natu

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