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Let’s admit it : the bedroom is an essential – and special – place in the house.It’s the secret cocoon in which to cuddle up after dark and where we would like to stay after the alarm has gone off. It’s thechildhood bedroom which we didn’t want to tidy, whose door we often slammed shut. Even today, we often read there, we sometimes work there and we mainly sleep there (and rest is important!) So if we share it with a special-someone or it’s just for us,whether it is perfectly calm or invaded by pyjama-wearing children on Sunday mornings, the bedroom is in your image and must be relaxing (rest is still important!) It is in light of these considerations and in collaboration with a feng shui expert that we have created “the place to bed”collection, exclusively for bedrooms. Feng shui is an ancient art of Chinese origin which studies the impact of the environment on our homes. The aim is to create harmony using the 5 elements : fire, wood, earth, metal and water (and just that!).

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