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Tweed is a heavy fabric of British origin. Made from wool, with a handspun look, it is remarkably comfortableand warm. Our “Tweed” collection of vinyl on non-woven wallpaper is inspired by this legendary fabric to dressthe home with a soft and elegant look which is muted, sophisticated and genuine. “Tweed” is an exceptional product with a meticulously-worked weft giving it a woven look, beautifullyburnished, with 47 extremely rich colours. Its pleated grain enhances its touch and catches the light. Some shades are enhanced with a metallic ink which gives a beautiful additional shine. The “Tweed” wallpaper turns a room into a cocoon, like a luxury setting which is both discrete and indispensablefor the decorative balance.

Tweed Cad Uni

Wallpaper 47 colors

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