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What if we see decor larger than life? Landscapes displayed as a full image that completely cover the walls. In addition to the wow effect, it is just an extraordinary decor, which invites itself into interiors! The new “Beauty Full Image” collection will (again) blow our minds. From the Japanese garden to the view of the snow-capped peaks, from the tropical forest to the heavenly waterfall, each XXL pattern is teeming with pictorial and creative ideas. We like the precise pencil stroke, the realistic line worthy of a masterpiece, the softness of watercolor, the vivid color of more naive patterns or the wisdom of black and white. It must be said that the collection draws its inspiration from the major trends of the moment reunited in 7 themes: vegetal, floral, architectural, landscape, printmaking, workshop and playtime. Patterns designed for all interiors, for all rooms.

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