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Extremely inspired, the Iconic collection calls upon (and enhances !) the vintage trend with a dazzling panorama from the 50s to the 80s. Like these two young ladies, sneak into a fashion show and admire the 50’s style of “Fashion Week” : Christian Dior or Pierre Balmain, it’s up to you ! Just their outlines remain to create the sophisticated and linear “Model”. With “Arty”, the lines are even more streamlines, and geometry goes hand-in-hand with poetry. And what about the energetic Alberto and its slender dancers, looking as if they were hastily sculpted before taking flight. After their ascension, we come back to earth with the exquisite blooms of Flower Power, so emblematic of the 70s. As for the surrealist “Not A Circle”, things are not going smoothly….to our great delight. This enchanting interlude ends with two wild panoramic wallpanels : “Pop” with its psychedelic designs and “Abstract” with its very eighties artistic collage.


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